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However, my page is generally about all those fields of photography where I am present, I would like to highlight wedding photography here. If your wedding is coming soon and you are looking for a dedicated professional who devote his time to develop himself and his equipment to create great photos of your wedding, then you are at the right spot here!


If you read these lines you might think that it is important to have a professional photographer taking your wedding pictures, who can catch memorable moments of the Great Day, so even after many years you can proudly show them to your family and friends. Should this be in the style of a wedding journal, creative photos, shots only from the ceremony, photo books made from them or all of these together.

If you just think about it, what will remain after the wedding besides the rings? The cake will be sliced apart, the rented car and nice clothes will be returned to the rental company, the fine meals and drinks will be taken at the table of happyness and the music band will leave in the morning. With our fading memories, only the photos that will remain! The photos can help to remind you for the Big Day, give you happy moments and tell stories even after many many years.


Our studio is located in Hévíz, Hungary, but we are extremely open minded, meaning we take photos even overseas if needed! Since our globe is getting smaller each year as technology develops, now we can get anywhere in a few hours, so no problem if your wedding photography session is in the UK or USA. We know that organizing an event can be very costly, and it can be hard to believe, but we work at affordable rates that many times, so economically it is the same or even better to hire us even with the travelling costs included than a local professional. Should you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact me!

MoksaPhoto News

Our local TV - Hévíz TV - visited us in our studio at the Day of Hungarian Photography

Az igazat megvallva sokkal jobban szeretek a kamera innenső végén lenni, de most kivételesen a "hóhért akasztották", nálunk járt a Hévíz TV stábja, hogy a Magyar Fotográfia Napja alkalmából interjút készítsen a témában. Azt hiszem a zavarom elég szembetűnő, legalábbis úgy éreztem magam hirtelen a mikrofon és a kamera kereszttüzében, mintha egy teltházas rock koncert közepén feltuszkoltak volna a színpadra, hogy énekeljek egy sort, mégis meglepően kerek videót állítottak össze a lányok, tényleg csak gratulálni tudok a kiváló munkájukhoz! 

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I am not sticking to rigid, well determined formations, I would rather like to catch the natural moments of a person, because this is the most honest image that can express their true personality. I could go on and on for a long time but it is better if you just take a look at my galleries. They will tell you more than I could put into words. Have fun! :)

Let my photos talk about my work...

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